Celiac's Disease, Irritable Bowels Syndrom, Leaky Gut, Crohns, Colitis

I suffer from (Lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, Celiac's disease, IBS,Leaky Gut Syndrome, candida overgrowth, Crohns, colitis), and I’m scheduled for some diagnostic tests. Is it possible that I might need to take a very different approach to a therapeutic diet appropriate for my condition or should I just go ahead and begin my food therapy now?


I think we can get stuck in the desire for clinical verification of what we can just as well observe in our own body. Lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, Celiac's disease, IBS,Leaky Gut Syndrome, candida overgrowth and Crohns all have a lot in common and are all linked to varying degrees, to intestinal inflammation and candida.

Each of these conditions also all demand a very careful, easy to digest, hypo-allergenic, customized therapeutic diet that encourages a rebalancing of the intestinal flora while taking as much strain off of the digestive tract as possible. For most folks the Whole Approach recommendations meet the requirements for all of the above when combined with awareness about specific food intolerances and allergies.

Since the treatment for each of these conditions is quite similar, I strongly recommend a focus on healing as opposed to the exhausting and frustrating focus of seeking a medical diagnosis. This is important and should be sought, but not at the expense of your progress with your self care. Your approach self care needs to give your digestive and eliminative organs a break. Sometimes when we get caught up in medical diagnosis, we also get caught up in challenging these diagnosis and provoking more inflammation just to verify to ourselves that this is in fact what is wrong with us. This is obviously not supportive to the healing process. I encourage you to begin healing while you are learning about your diagnosis and to do so by listening to your body signals about what is and isn’t good for you right now. Try to treat your digestive system as you would an injured knee. Even if you didn’t know exactly what was wrong with your knee and you were waiting for a medical diagnosis, you would still limp, favouring it so that you wouldn’t damage it further. Your intestines and digestive organs deserve the same kind of patient love and respect. Your intestinal tract is sore and not functioning optimally. So the natural solution as I see it, is to give it a rest and take in the gentlest foods you possibly can and eat them in a calm manner, chewing thoroughly and perhaps supporting the digestive process with bitters and or digestive enzymes.

Once you have reduced the inflammation and stress by following the guidelines in this very careful and safe diet, you will make some progress while you wait for results. Hopefully, through the process of following this diet, keeping a food diary and observing your responses to food very carefully, you'll learn how to sustain intestinal comfort. Once you’ve settled your symptoms, you can consider whether a candida cleanse is the right thing for you. As I say, the above conditions are usually linked to some degree to candida overgrowth. However, in the case of severe inflammation, it is wise to reduce the inflammation, stabilize the condition and then begin candida cleansing..

Basically I am encouraging you to get to the solution first. Then, once you’ve lessened the discomfort, you can decipher the causes. In some cases, though you may acquire a diagnosis, knowing the exact cause may be a highly difficult challenge. The good news is that knowing the exact cause is often not necessary to find relief. Optimum healing requires your focus to be directed at solutions and the present moment.

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