*All purpose flour blend

There are so many, many all purpose gluten free blends possible, some low phytate, some springier than others, some nut free- here is just one possible blend:


sorghum flour 1 pt

almond flour 1 pt

coconut ground 1/2 part

tapioca starch 1/4 part








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No it is not. Coconut flour has it's place and can be used but not replacing the coconut in this blend.


I'm working on a lower phytic acid blend and though this blend does have some, using coconut ground rather than coconut flour helps to reduce the total. Coconut ground - you would use a blender or Vitamix to ground shredded coconut though some places do sell it ground. Coconut flour is much lower fat and much higher fibre and has a very different texture. It also tends to produce fatigue for many. Having said this, if you do want to experiment with it, look for the whitest coconut flour - the organic one from Let's Do Coconut brand is, in my opinion less processed and healthier than many others.



I have been wondering about a good substitute for the almond flour.  I have been trying to limit my usage of almonds to snacks because almonds are so costly, due to the drought in California. Do you have any suggestions?  I really appreciate your recommendations for flour mixes as well, since I am so new to baking with gluten-free flours. Thank you!

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