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Attogram Bentonite Magma

Linda WholeApproach ·
Good news! The Attogram Bentonite is expected to arrive here @WholeApproach tomorrow, January 20th. The Bentonite now comes in a new size - 16FL oz. Introductory and Phase Packages will include (2) 16 oz bottles in place of one 32 oz bottle. The shopping cart has been updated to accept orders of the Attogram Bentonite. If the product arrives early in the day, we will be busy shipping back-orders tomorrow and if it arrives late in the day, all back-orders will ship on Monday, January 23rd. We...
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Candida Natural Product Protocol

By Tarilee Cornish, CNP What are the Five Phases of the Whole Approach Protocol? The Whole Approach Protocol is a five phase product protocol that has been successfully used for many years at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of candidiasis (or yeast overgrowth). It has also been successful in helping thousands achieve better health. The protocol is outlined on www.wholeapproach.com web site and in more detail in the book, "Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non Drug Solution...

Re: Attogram Bentonite Magma

Tarilee ·
How amazing to finally have this excellent product back in stock!!! Yay! Tarilee

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