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Module #3 Balancing the Blood Sugar with Low Glycemic Foods

Tarilee ·
Balancing Blood Sugar with Low Glycemic Foods If we want to balance our blood sugar, simply counting carbohydrates will not assure us of this goal. Foods that cause a quick spike in blood sugar are also known for causing what is known as a sugar-crash. To prevent this, we need an understanding of how specific carbohydrates function in our body. In diet protocols intended to reduce candida, support immune or mental health and lower inflammation, the intent is to keep the blood sugar levels...
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Glycemic Index and Candida - How Much Sugar are you Eating?

Linda WholeApproach ·
by Tarilee Cornish, CNP Rather than count grams of carbohydrates, we can limit the down side of carbohydrates by preferring particular types of carbohydrates according to how they influence our blood sugar. For years, we divided carbohydrate types into simple and complex, with the thought that complex carbohydrates were healthier. Though this division sorts out the least nutritious foods from the most nutritious foods, it is simplistic and it fails to give us an understanding of how those...

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