Tarilee's Top Ten Snack Ideas - Candida Diet


by TL Cornish, CNP

The following are some of my favorite, portable snack foods.  All recipes (and many more!) can be found on the WholeApproach Support Forum.

1- Cucumber and sweet potato dip


2- Carrot sticks and hummus


3- Avocado slices or guacamole and Lentil Seed Crackers


4- Guacamole and veggies or crackers


5- Boiled eggs and vinegar free brined dill pickles


6 - Soft crusty bread and pesto,  Celery and tuna dip,  Carrot Sticks and Creamy Pumpkin Seed Dip


7 - Falafel balls and pinenut dip or macadamia nut dip


8 - Kudzu starch pudding (very few calories, balances blood sugar)


9- Tomato Garlic Seed Snack  (a snack all on their own but great with cucumber slices too!)


10- Raw Flax Crackers (again, great on their own but lovely with Salsa)

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