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Module #3 Balancing the Blood Sugar with Low Glycemic Foods

Balancing Blood Sugar with Low Glycemic Foods If we want to balance our blood sugar, simply counting carbohydrates will not assure us of this goal. Foods that cause a quick spike in blood sugar are also known for causing what is known as a sugar-crash. To prevent this, we need an understanding of how specific carbohydrates function in our body. In diet protocols intended to reduce candida, support immune or mental health and lower inflammation, the intent is to keep the blood sugar levels...

A Healing Diet Module #2 - Carbs and Health

The low carb diet Low carb diets have long been promoted for weight loss and for recovery from candida overgrowth. For the last few years the popularity of low carb diets has taken off with (Paleo, Primal, Grain Brain diets). The latest research supports the good results people have been getting with their weight and multiple pleasant side benefits as well. Studies are confirming that eliminating sweets, reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats can also have anti-inflammatory benefits,...

A Healing Diet course module #1

A Healing Diet TLC’s new Healthy Living and Candida Recovery e-course blog will feature a series of nutritional and lifestyle topics to enhance your overall healing and increase the effectiveness of the Whole Approach® anti-fungal candida cleanse. Learn the foundations of healthy eating with our first course module, A Healing Diet, below. Tarilee will be available to answer questions related to the topics covered in this module on Thursday August 18th in a live chat from 11 am to 1 pm...

A Healing Diet

E-COURSE ONE - A Healing Diet The first module of our first e-course will be released next Monday August 15th. The topics included in the 13 modules are listed below. Learn the basics of a healing diet, helpful for recovery from a broad range of conditions including candida. This fourteen week course present the foundations of a healing diet that can be helpful for recovery from a broad range of conditions. Chapters for this course will be posted every one to two weeks on Mondays. Tarilee...


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